Mobile Friendly Web Design Advantages

Over the past few years, Internet use has advanced in an incredible rate. As a noticeable change,
mobile web browsing tremendously overtook desktop browsing (with 58% share) and has
become the first choice for Internet users. Marketers and web designers have taken advantage of
these observations to come up with a strategy that helps businesses grow.
Google, the search engine leader, recognizes this important factor and rank websites with mobile
responsive design. This article explores the importance of mobile friendliness for winning SEO

#1. Better User Experience:
Mobile friendly web design is meant to provide a better user experience. Mobile friendly design
includes clearly readable fonts (size, color, and style), images and videos that take the entire
screen, and forms and buttons that are big and clearly visible. The menu is always sticky on the
screen, so navigating to any page is very easy in mobile friendly design.
As a result of these designs, visitors tend to stay on your website for a long time, which, in turn,
increases its usability score. A good usability score means increased conversion and repeat
visitors that search engines, including Google, prefer today. This is why mobile friendly web
design results in improved search engine ranking.

#2. Reduced Bounce Rate:
Do you know how increased bounce rate affects the SEO ranking of your website?
Bounce rate is the number of visitors who come to your page and simply leave without engaging
themselves on your website. Google makes a serious note of all user behavior on your website
including bounce rate.
If a visitor leaves your website abruptly after visiting for a short duration, it is assumed that the
content found on your website does not match your visitor’s needs. As a result, the website
receives a negative impact in terms of search results for that particular query.
While you might have extraordinary content, if the web design is messy and not easy to navigate,
visitors will soon leave your website.
This is where you can take advantage of mobile responsive web design, which helps to ensure
that your visitors stick to your webpage, and that will help Google to rank your website on the
top of its search results.

#3. Reduces Duplicate Content:
To avail the benefits of a mobile website, you might decide to create a separate site suitable for
mobile. But what will happen if you have two websites with the same content? Because the
content is matched to the desktop version, most of the mobile websites do not rank well in search
You can easily bypass this situation by going for a mobile responsive website. Regardless of the
device that is used for browsing, you can create a single URL and focus your SEO solely on that

#4. Increased Social Sharing:
Mobile responsive websites are specially built to reach users who prefer mobile phones to access
different websites and to enable easy social media sharing. The main reason behind social media
sharing is to increase audience for a brand.
An increased audience means more engagement, more traffic, and search demand for your
website/brand, which, in turn, helps Google to easily take notice of your website.

#5. Elevates Business Reputation:
Most of the time, customers may feel let down if they happen to come across a non mobile
friendly website. This generates negative feelings about your website, which impacts your
business reputation and creates a bad customer experience that may prompt them to switch over
to your competitor.

Over to You:
Mobile phones have become an integral part of all of our lives. We reflexively reach out to our
phones whenever we need some information, when we are bored, or when we are hungry.
Regardless of industry type, with the increase in technology and digital marketing, mobile
friendly web design has become a standard component of any SEO plan. Business owners should
think ahead and always keep mobile users in mind, which will aid SEO efforts in the long run.
With responsive web design, you can see a big improvement in time spent on the site, its usage,
and surely your search engine ranking as well.