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Every CEO wishes that there were more hours in the day. Let us take care of the little things so you can focus on the big things!  


Focus on Growth

As a business owner, some days it can feel like you spend more time in the business than growing the
business. As soon as you complete one task, three more are added and they are ALL priority items. You
know you need help and that you could accomplish so much more if you had it but finding on-site help
creates an entirely new set of tasks and expenses.

Your solution: Virtual Administrative Assistance. Delegate administrative functions of your business to a
professional, organized assistant who works to your requirements and who will provide efficient, high
quality work, allowing you to focus on building your business.

Led by Darcy Schatz who has over 15 years’ experience as a VA, our team will ease the burden of the day
to day running of your company, allowing you to tackle the big picture growth items required of the

Calendar Management

  • Schedule and confirm meetings
  • Block off time for project work
  • Create and email daily agenda
  • Text or email meeting and appointment reminders as needed
  • Meeting directions and other information sent via email
  • Complete calendar management including personal events

Task Management/Office Administration

  • Create hot list of items each day or week
  • Complete tasks as directed
  • Organize files with designated cloud software
  • Complete and file routine paperwork
  • Send thank you notes and gifts to clients
  • Transcription
  • Order supplies
  • Build client database

Project Management

  • Project coordination and oversight
  • Project plan creation
  • Project implementation and delivery

Email Management

  • Compose and send mails to customers and vendors
  • Sort emails by priority, sender, topic
  • Setup autoresponders as needed
  • Add emails to task list as appropriate

Travel Services

  • Research airline and travel options
  • Vacation and travel activity research
  • Book and confirm airline, hotel, car rental bookings
  • Printed itinerary

Concierge Services

  • Purchase and send personal and professional gifts
  • Grocery and meal kit ordering and delivery
  • Restaurant reservations and delivery
  • Event ticket bookings

What Else do you Need?

  • Don’t see your need in the list? Let’s talk about how we can help you…


Try Our Proprietary Process

Research & Discovery

We work with our clients to understand what tasks are taking up time that could be spent growing your business. We learn about your goals and existing tools and systems so we know what is working and so we can recommend processes, systems, and tools that fit within your company’s setup and could provide more efficiency if necessary. Every idea, recommendation, and service is centered around you. We take your success seriously.


Now comes the fun part – getting the work done. We collaborate with you to set a schedule and process for assigning tasks that fits your needs. We set priorities and a system to get the work done. Is email overload holding you back? We’ll work out a filtering and filing system for incoming emails so you’ll only see what you want to handle. Need to respond to customer requests? We’ll write a standard response and system for handling those inquiries. You control the message and the process so it fits your brand and your expectations. We work together to grow your business.


Our work with you doesn’t end once tasks are assigned. We continuously monitor completion of tasks as well as the working relationship and the process. If tweaks are needed in communications, messaging, response time, whatever, we work with you to make that happen. If modifications are needed to tools and software, we help you seamlessly integrate those changes to ensure your business continues on the track to growth.


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